Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Im back!

Im back and hopefully *crossing fingers* for good this time. I know I don't have that much readers. Heck, I might have zero at all, but blogging soothes me. Ok. Maybe not blogging. Writing does. Blogging is writing. Uh! Whatever. You get the point. There's something about keeping track of your dainty moments and rereading them over and over again. It reminds you of who you are. It reminds you of what you have and what you should be treasuring. It reminds you of all the good things our good Lord has given us.

This past few weeks has been a constant reminder of how short our life is. Its been days that life's uncertainties has been constantly on my mind. I have come to realize how important it is to make every word, action and moment count. That every thing that comes out of our mouth should be positive, that every action we take should impact anyone around us in a good way. And that we should act as if every moment will be the last one because we will never know what tomorrow will bring. Heck! We don't even know what will happen in the next five seconds. No amount of predictions can gaurantee the next few seconds of our life.

And its sad. Its very sad how a tragic moment has to happen for me to realize any of these.

So call up your parents, give your grandparents a little more hugs, have a date with your sibblings, play with your kids, spend time with your spouse, treasure your friends, get to know your aquaintances, learn to like your enemies. Forgive. Love. Laugh. Enjoy every little moments of life. Catch it, record it, write it down. And never forget to give thanks to our Creator and to continually pursue what God intended us to do here on earth.

On that note, I miss my mommy Alice. She was a big influence to my life. Every good thing in my heart was a huge part of hers.Thank you for being one of the best grandma anyone can have. You nurtured the best mom in the world, your daughter, my mother.. You spoiled me in love and nothing can ever outdo that.
Thank you also to my Lola Inday. You were a provider not only to your family to everyone around you. You give so much of yourself. Thats were my papa gets it from and thats were I prolly get it from too.
To my Lolo Maning. You were always quite. But you also always cared in your subtle ways. Every birthday or Christmas, you always gave me something. You always called me, and in between your books you inserted my gift. Its not the gift. Its how you never forget. Every year we all lived together, you never forget my birthday. Its sad how I realize it just now. Thank you for always remembering.

Those are the people who are far away from me. I hope someday I get to visit you or vice versa. Even though I am miles and miles away. I will always I have you hidden in my heart. I promise to sing you a song for the holidays. ;)

And that is the need of my drama mode! :)

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