Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Time: The Forgotten

In this world we live in, we often hear a familiar phrase. The moment we start working, that time we get married and when that precious little bundle gets born. Every 'congratulations' has a 'don't-lose-yourself' phrase attached to it. In the chaos of your new home, while juggling work and family, don't lose yourself.
Don't lose yourself.
Have time for yourself.
Relax, you need a me-time.
Pamper time for yourself.
All this phrases are centered mostly around women. Even most of the ads on TV are catered towards this concept. Heck, you can't have a perfect relationship if you didn't have some me time. It seems to be the most important thing especially in dealing between marriages and parenting.

But wait! Is that really all there is? Is that the most important piece of advice we can give to our fellow wives and husbands, fellow parents and especially the oh so newly weds?

Definitely not.

This society has neglected (or maybe forgotten would be a more appropriate word) to put importance on our relationship with our other half. Its not always about me time. It should be about our time too. In the midst of juggling work and home, play dates and me time, our time often gets pushed to the last of the list and most often just forgotten.

Join me as I explore this forgotten concept. In the next few blogs, I will be talking about the importance of our time and how most marriages & parenting problems comes from the lack of our time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Haven't really put much thought in it?
Everybody thinks its just an excuse.
That no such thing could really ever exist.
That its just an escape.
But when you think about it.
When you experience it for yourself.
Its not very much fun.
Depression is not a sickness.
Its more than that.
It comes from within.
Not the brain.
Its buried deep inside.
And the only person who can uncover it is oneself.
Something deep down there is buried and its causing all kinds of imbalances.
Meds won't really help much.
Sure talking about it can help.
But admitting to oneself what you are trying to dismiss is the key.
No use of denying it.
No use of ignoring it.
Because it will eat you alive.
Not only will it destroy you,
It will break everything around.
It will drive everyone away.
Want to know how it feels like?
It will feel as if you are slowly decaying
With all hope lost.
You hang on for dear life.
You grab it with all your might.
Just to realize that you are just a few seconds from slipping away.


Money makes this world go around, including everyone in it.
It such a harsh reality, but its the truth.
It can make a person happy, but it can also bring you down.
It causes joy, but also brings grief.
Its can do a lot of good, but it can do more damage.
It creates new friendship, but breaks a family apart.
It can drive a person to persevere, but also drive them to their end.
Money is not evil.
It is just the root of all evil.
And when you thought you had it all, in just a split second, it can all vanish.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nobody knows

Nobody knows
I'm crying
Nobody knows
I'm screaming
Nobody knows
All the thoughts
Because from the outside
Carefree and a smile plastered on her face
She walks around
All relaxed and goofy
Nobody knows
She is praying to get through the day
She wakes up with doubt in her heart
Hours pass
Always that guilt following her around
She doesn't know where its coming from
Or why she feels the way she does
Worthless and hopeless
But that's all inside
Nobody can tell
Nobody needs to know
She greets everyone with a smile
Does all her duties with extra care
She doesn't argue
Doesn't question
She listens to others
Listens to their worries
Listens to their cries
Forgetting her troubles all together
She loves unconditionally
Cares too much
She tries so hard
Putting a brave face on
But late at night
When the lights are off
Her face hidden away
Facing the window
She silently weeps
She silently prays
She silently begs for a miracle
Trading everything just to be saved
All because
She doesn't want to disappoint
Doesn't want to be a burden
All day long
Her silent plea
A sigh of relief
A cry of help
A piece of understanding
Overflowing forgiveness
But its too far away
Hopeless and broken
She dreams away
Still broken tomorrow
And the next day

Thursday, February 7, 2013


You know those days you have when you just feel like shutting down. It might be impossibly possible, but it feels like just the right fit. Those times when you're almost in a happy state then a wave of crazy clouds your head.

Yup. It's a crappy day.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


So its one of those nights that I got caught up with all the nonsense I was doing that I forgot to cook dinner. Well, its not that I really forgot, I just kind of pushes it to the side until I absolutely had no time to even think about what I was going to feed the people who are under our roof. I know I had put fish out an hour ago, but I did not really put any thought into it since I was so focused on the tiny little screen of my newly upgraded phone (thanks to the carnivore handy man aka my husband.

In an attempt to satisfy not only the stomachs but the tongues as well, I did my best to sort through the mighty refrigerator of anything edible. Let me tell you, it was not an easy task. I had to taste test lots of bottles to go with the fish. I was confused, very confused. Until finally I just grabbed two bottle of salad dressing, tomatoes & onions. Threw them together with the frozen tilapia fillet an added just a tad bit of water. Put it in the stove and covered it.

And then you know what I did? I ran to the store, (ok not literally) to pick up some stuff for the gift baskets I was trying to get done for picture purposes. I am actually inside the car right now on my way back home. Im crossing my fingers that it will all turn out good. Will post pics later. (Did I mention my sister is driving me? Yup, I do not know how to drive.)

That is the daintiness of my day. Till the next blog. Byezz!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite past time:

Karaoke with Daddy H & Baby H. <3

What's your favorite past time?