Thursday, December 6, 2012


So its one of those nights that I got caught up with all the nonsense I was doing that I forgot to cook dinner. Well, its not that I really forgot, I just kind of pushes it to the side until I absolutely had no time to even think about what I was going to feed the people who are under our roof. I know I had put fish out an hour ago, but I did not really put any thought into it since I was so focused on the tiny little screen of my newly upgraded phone (thanks to the carnivore handy man aka my husband.

In an attempt to satisfy not only the stomachs but the tongues as well, I did my best to sort through the mighty refrigerator of anything edible. Let me tell you, it was not an easy task. I had to taste test lots of bottles to go with the fish. I was confused, very confused. Until finally I just grabbed two bottle of salad dressing, tomatoes & onions. Threw them together with the frozen tilapia fillet an added just a tad bit of water. Put it in the stove and covered it.

And then you know what I did? I ran to the store, (ok not literally) to pick up some stuff for the gift baskets I was trying to get done for picture purposes. I am actually inside the car right now on my way back home. Im crossing my fingers that it will all turn out good. Will post pics later. (Did I mention my sister is driving me? Yup, I do not know how to drive.)

That is the daintiness of my day. Till the next blog. Byezz!

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