Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Time: The Forgotten

In this world we live in, we often hear a familiar phrase. The moment we start working, that time we get married and when that precious little bundle gets born. Every 'congratulations' has a 'don't-lose-yourself' phrase attached to it. In the chaos of your new home, while juggling work and family, don't lose yourself.
Don't lose yourself.
Have time for yourself.
Relax, you need a me-time.
Pamper time for yourself.
All this phrases are centered mostly around women. Even most of the ads on TV are catered towards this concept. Heck, you can't have a perfect relationship if you didn't have some me time. It seems to be the most important thing especially in dealing between marriages and parenting.

But wait! Is that really all there is? Is that the most important piece of advice we can give to our fellow wives and husbands, fellow parents and especially the oh so newly weds?

Definitely not.

This society has neglected (or maybe forgotten would be a more appropriate word) to put importance on our relationship with our other half. Its not always about me time. It should be about our time too. In the midst of juggling work and home, play dates and me time, our time often gets pushed to the last of the list and most often just forgotten.

Join me as I explore this forgotten concept. In the next few blogs, I will be talking about the importance of our time and how most marriages & parenting problems comes from the lack of our time.

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