Friday, February 8, 2013

Nobody knows

Nobody knows
I'm crying
Nobody knows
I'm screaming
Nobody knows
All the thoughts
Because from the outside
Carefree and a smile plastered on her face
She walks around
All relaxed and goofy
Nobody knows
She is praying to get through the day
She wakes up with doubt in her heart
Hours pass
Always that guilt following her around
She doesn't know where its coming from
Or why she feels the way she does
Worthless and hopeless
But that's all inside
Nobody can tell
Nobody needs to know
She greets everyone with a smile
Does all her duties with extra care
She doesn't argue
Doesn't question
She listens to others
Listens to their worries
Listens to their cries
Forgetting her troubles all together
She loves unconditionally
Cares too much
She tries so hard
Putting a brave face on
But late at night
When the lights are off
Her face hidden away
Facing the window
She silently weeps
She silently prays
She silently begs for a miracle
Trading everything just to be saved
All because
She doesn't want to disappoint
Doesn't want to be a burden
All day long
Her silent plea
A sigh of relief
A cry of help
A piece of understanding
Overflowing forgiveness
But its too far away
Hopeless and broken
She dreams away
Still broken tomorrow
And the next day

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