Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Haven't really put much thought in it?
Everybody thinks its just an excuse.
That no such thing could really ever exist.
That its just an escape.
But when you think about it.
When you experience it for yourself.
Its not very much fun.
Depression is not a sickness.
Its more than that.
It comes from within.
Not the brain.
Its buried deep inside.
And the only person who can uncover it is oneself.
Something deep down there is buried and its causing all kinds of imbalances.
Meds won't really help much.
Sure talking about it can help.
But admitting to oneself what you are trying to dismiss is the key.
No use of denying it.
No use of ignoring it.
Because it will eat you alive.
Not only will it destroy you,
It will break everything around.
It will drive everyone away.
Want to know how it feels like?
It will feel as if you are slowly decaying
With all hope lost.
You hang on for dear life.
You grab it with all your might.
Just to realize that you are just a few seconds from slipping away.

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