Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another trip!

So finally after almost two years, I get to go out of this huge Texas state! The last time I went to Vegas, without knowing, I was pregnant. I was probably 2 weeks pregnant that time. It was September, 2010. So that would make it a year and a half. Wow. I have been in my little small corner for a year and a half and I survived! Yey me! Haha!

So tonight! We are leaving for vega and this time around, our darling daughter will be tagging along. This should he fun as I have no other intention but to eat and eat and eat. Lol! Don't even remind me of insanity! Ahaha!

So if y'all have any cool suggestions on places to eat and whatever to do or go. Please do comment.

For sure, for sure I will definitely have to visit Max Brenner!!! Because I just have a massive sweet tooth. And of course, our vegas trip would never be complete without a brunch in Jollibee and stopping by at Red Ribbon to take home a yummy cake!!!

To any of you who don't know what Jollibee is. Its a fastfood in the Philippines that is equivalent to McDonalds. The menu consist of hotdog in a bun, couple kinds of burger, fried chicken with rice, breakfast food, ice cream sundae and other filipino food. Its just so good. You have to try it. Too bad they don't have it in Texas.

Anyway, will update y'all soon on any dainty news I'll have to share!!!!


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