Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fried Tuesday continuation

Have you ever been so sleepy that things you were holding just slip out your hands or whatever you were writing became just lines and scribbles? Well, last night my eyes were half open. Like literally! You have no idea how many times I erased whatever I wrote because I couldn't even understand what it was. Lol.

Anywho. So I was saying last night we worked out like crazy and so did we today. Well, back to my point! After shedding out lots of sweat yesterday, a little light went on my head and I decided to fry the chicken and the salmon that I put out few hours back to defrost. I mean, we deserved it after a month and a half of working out.
PLUS, I used olive oil to fry it. Hahah!

Enjoy the pictures! By the way if you ever are curios, I just put a little salt & pepper then just fried it. Simple! Oh and the other food was hard boiled eggs, corned beef (filipino style) & of course white rice! Voila! Dinner served!

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