Friday, April 20, 2012

Insanity Fever!!

So about a month ago, my husband and I kept on badgering each other about how much weight we have put in.

Technically, because of my always-hungry- milk-sucking daughter (Btw, I'm still bf) I was back to my normal weight which was 107 lbs and I am very much happy with that weight. But due to my inactiveness during my "preggo" months I still have flabs that needed to be tightened here and there. And at that point, I was fairly convinced that only surgery could put an end to that flabbiness.

My husband on the other hand, during those times, couldn't wear a buttoned shirt without a button opening up, take note, opening and not popping.
Now before you have that image in your head. My husband is not a big guy and never was (he might find this blog). Lol. That button popping chuvaness was due to the fact that almost all his shirts are tight and none of them literally leaves any room for excess baggage!

Yes! He was that skinny. Ok not skinny. Let's just say he was fit.

Now during my preggo months my hankering for food was stronger than ever. And my passion for cooking was off the charts. So everyday I would be baking and cooking and what not. And of course, naturally who gets to eat all of those goody food? My husband of course. It didn't help that our condo at that time was kind of isolated from everybody else. So it was really just me and my husband eating our days away.

So that my friends are my excuses for putting on those extra flabs. Haha

Anyway, 1 year and a half later he decided to take control and purchase the Insanity DVD. He purchased it HERE!!

And let me tell you. It really works! We are barely finishing the 1st week of the 2nd month and it is crazy insane. And I am not just saying this just because. I don't get paid for this. I'm throwing this out to you guys because it has worked for my husband and I.

As usual, guys tend to lose weight faster than women. My husband went from 140 to 134 lbs in a month's time and we weren't even digging deeper. It might not seem a lot but you can see the difference in the body, especially around the waist area. He can now proudly wear all his old shirts without a bump. Of course the shoulder and the back are a little tight due to the muscles popping out.

I, on the other hand maintained my weight. I went from 107 to 104. Did I mention that they have a formula in which you can calculate your daily calorie intake? We, of course chose to maintain our weight, therefore we get to eat more everyday just to have enough energy and maintain that weight.

We weren't into slimming down. We bought it to tone up.

Don't worry. I will keep you guys posted about this Insanity craze workout. And by the end of the program, I will definitely put up pictures of my husband and I, with or without his consent. Hahaha!!!

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