Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last night's festivities

Sorry folks! I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the finished lechon last night. My hands were too oily. Plus, I was too preoccupied in eating & eating & eating!!! Hey, I can justify my eating habits because I exercise. So I deserved it! Ha!

The lechon was sooooo good. To any of you who doesn't know what a lechon is. It is a kind of delicacy that we have in the Philippines thats always been stapled in any event or dinner party.

The Homemade Lechon was so delicious. The sauce that was used to brush it was just the perfect balance of flavor. The stuffing used to flavor it complemented the meat. And it was so drenched in good flavor that the meat sucked it in. So with every bite, you have this juicy and tender meat that seems to melt in your mouth. I didn't even use pinakurat (a kind of yummy sauce!) to eat it with. It was that good. It was beyond words! Too bad I didn't get to capture that moment. Then you pair it with white steamed rice and a glass of ice cold cola and you are in food heaven! Of course, I didn't indulge in the cola part because I am just trying to avoid that. Lol.

Then dessert, we had a slice of this tres leches cake with a creamy & milky, not too sweet filling. The icing was just the right amount of sweetness. The cake itself was just so soft and moist. Even the fondant tasted great.

We had ourselves a good yummilicious dinner!

Of course, whats a party without booze ey! So the guys had their drink. Well, only 3 of them shared a bottle of french liquor. And they almost finished it! Good thing my Aunt took it away. Lol! They were hammered which made the night even more fun because they were just blabbering their hearts out. Lol.

By the way, shout out to my mother in law. Its her birthday today! Happy Birthday Mommy! May God pour his favor on you as you have with us!

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