Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Insanity done! Turbo fire, here we go!!

So I'm finally done with Insanity. Thank heavens! That routine was just so intense in a way that you really have to really really want it to get through it and finish the job. It does the work though. You'll be ripped if you're actually following it word by word. :) I was in a way but not really, although we did get the 6 times a week nailed. I just modified it a lot just because I had back surgery 3 years ago, so I really did need to take it slow. My husband on the other is doing it, even in the times that I don't when chores & being a mom gets in the way.

So now a friend let me borrow her turbo fire because like us she had moved on to the next routine. :) I started yesterday. And if your like me who is a frustrated dancer, you're going to like this workout. You get to dance but not feel stupid about it. Hahahah Because the steps are so workout related that it just like any other workout, but you have that beat to follow. Alas! My dream of being a dancer has came true! Ha! Its so intense and fun. The more intense it gets the shorter the workout is. So another good thing about is if you're like me who has a very hectic schedule, (wife wise & mom wise lol!) then this workout is made for you. You can choose from a variety of 30 minutes to 15 minute workout or if you just want to do the 10 minute stretch. Its all broken down. And great thing about is it, I now have time to workout in the wee hours of the morning, while everyone else is still snoring. Haha! I could never do that with insanity because its like 45-60 minutes and every workout is going to take your breath away that you need a lot of recovery time. I like insanity, but its for those who are really dedicated. So trbo fire is good for me because I am always short on me time and this is perfect me time without getting the to do list piled up. Plus! Its a good stress reliever because you're constantly punching and kicking the air. Haha!

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