Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vegas trip!

So I never told you how our vegas trip went? Shame on me.

I was so caught up in getting caught up with everything around here. My baby's upcoming 1st birthday bash, laundry's still piled up from the trip, don't even get me started with the clothes that needs ironing & folding, empty ref, need to grocery hence the loooong grocery list, and of course there's Insanity! How could I even forget that when we didn't do any workout while away. So yes. I was so busy in Mommy/house duties. (to be honest, I've only done the grocery part and a little bit of the decor for baby's party)
Man, I need two whole days, 1 day to clean this whole house and the other day to just sit and relax and not think about anything at all whatsoever!!! I wish! Who knew four hours of sleep could be a luxury sometimes, and 10 minutes in the shower all by myself very relaxing!

So I really needed that vegas trip! Lol! It was fun! Wish it didn't end. It was that fun! It was like my own version of "spa". Lol. You wake up to just take a bath. Somebody else takes care of what you eat. All day you just walk around, take pictures, eat!, sight see! You get back in the room and the whole room is all cleaned up. You curl up to new sheets at night. New towels that's always so hot & toasty! Did I forget to mention room service? Wish we had room service in our own house! Lol.

But that's why its called a vacation. If you had that everyday, it wouldn't be that special.

Now I'm back in my city, which I happen to love, no doubt about it. My life, which quite frankly, a lot of people would wanna have. So even thoughI don't have that kind of life in my vacation everyday. I realized while I was away. I still had a pretty awesome and blessed life that I get to spend with two of the most adorable people in the world. My baby and my husband!

Ps: I'll expand more on the trip when I get around to uploading the pictures! ;)

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